It’s been a bit of a glum week, all that horrid real life stuff getting in the way. Work is a massive slog and my side lost that election thing. I’m not going to get all whiny and political though – just wanted to set the scene for getting home and finding a rejection email in my inbox. That feels like the cherry on the cake and could be a good excuse for at least a few days of wallowing in self pity and generally hating the world.

Instead, because wallowing and self pity have gotten incredibly boring over the last few years, I figured I’d just share the poor, unwanted story here instead. It’s not a bad story, I think, just not what the anthology was looking for. I’ve also not managed to write a version of the next story I was planning to share here that I like, so it also fills a gap quite neatly.

For anyone who wants to know the story – Invaders – is a sequel to Maya, which opens Chaos Tales I. Maybe writing a sequel to a short story wasn’t the best idea, although I don’t think you need to have read Maya for Invaders to work.

Anyway, if you do read it, I hope you like it.


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