The plan was to have a new story every month or so, with an occsaional blog about my adventures in horrorstoryland. That was the plan. Getting to work to pay the bills rather got in the way. Operation Stack means nothing to anyone who doesn’t live/work/pass through the South-East corner of Kent, England – for those of us in that corner, it turns an hour’s commute into two, three – maybe four – hours. I’m going to end up writing a Hell traffic jam story. It will be savage.

So, there’s no new story this month. I’ve got one I want to write that doesn’t fit in anywhere else. I just need the time and energy to get it done. It is called ‘Skinned’ and I think it is going to be a gruesome one.

The good news, and reason for randomly shouting at the world, is that Hell TV is now available as an actual book – it has pages you can turn and everything! It’s on CreateSpace, so it is an entirely EvilScribbles Press production – I think it can hold it’s head high, but it’s still self-published and even us geniuses have blind spots.

The better news is, I’ve had a story accepted for a proper anthology – there’s going to be contracts and everything! The even better news is the story came back with only a few tweak edits – on a story I wrote one day, edited the next and sent in. I’m reasonably confident that Hell TV (which now seems a little tame and elderly because I’ve edited it so many times) is in decent shape.

So it’s back to getting my arse to work, wasting my energy there and trying to get more words tweaked or freshly written. I’m hip-deep in getting Gorgeous ready for submission, Mary’s Child is with the primary beta-reader and I’ve got the final part planned. Then I’ve all the others.

Plenty of time to get them all written and knocked into shape before my lazy, heavy-smoking life knocks me on the head and calls game over 🙂

Please spend all your life-savings on this book – save me from telesales. Pretty please. Cherries on top?



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