Under The Covers and Other Stuff

I quite like writing stories for themed anthologies, it’s a little like getting a creative writing piece for homework. The downside is that if the story then gets rejected it doesn’t really fit in anywhere else and ends up getting forgotten about. That’s often for the best, at least until there’s been a rethink, but sometimes it’s terribly unfair. It is possible that another anthology will come along that the rejected story might fit into with a little rejigging but there’s no guarantee. I hate having a story sat doing nothing. Which makes the novels lying around particularly frustrating but that’s another post.

Under The Covers was written for an anthology and didn’t make the final cut, but it did come back from the editor with some kind remarks. It’s a supernatural story and I don’t think it quite fit with the others chosen as a result. So, rather than let a story I’m rather pleased with get forgotten I thought I’d share it here. As always, I hope you like it.

In other anthology news, Wild Things is (hopefully) coming out later this month. I am in that one, which is a bonus. I’m waiting to hear the exact date but I’ll share as soon as I know. I’ve got a couple of things planned to go with the release as well.  I’ll shout about it when it’s all finalised.

Only other news is that I’m thirty-eight tomorrow. Thirty-eight is, I’ve already decided, just a rubbish age. Too old to do young stuff, too young to really enjoy moaning. I’m going to have a few drinks and maybe some ice cream – if you need an excuse tell people you’re joining me.


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