Not Dead Yet

I’ve been quite quiet for a while now – boring real world stuff keeps eating up my time. It’s Christmas and, whilst I am a Grinch, I still want to wish you all fun and happiness. And maybe flog you something…

It has been hugely delayed, but Chaos Tales 1 is now in paperback! There is time before Christmas to get it. I’ve rejigged the running order (the kindle version as well) because Teen Attack! seems to be a bit full-on for most people as the second story. It’s at the back now, after Surgery so only the proper gore hounds will get that far.

More seriously though, it does look good in hardcopy…

In other news…

Not much, really. I completed Nano for the third year in a row, pretty pleased with that. Wrote a new story, which I’ll post in a little bit, that may or may not be a true account of what I’ll do to anyone who spoils Star Wars for me.

I am in the rabid, threaten to cut you contigent. Metaphorically or otherwise. (also in the really pleased the early headlines are good/head in sand and fingers in ears contingent)

Anyway, have a great Christmas everyone! I’m going to retreat into my cave and somehow find a bottle of port for Christmas day.

ps – here’s the link 🙂


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