I Did Stuff!

This is as much a status update as a blog entry but I want to share, because I’m quite pleased with the last few days. It’s also nearly four o’clock in the morning and I don’t want to go to bed because, if I do, the next time I open my eyes it will be time to go to work. The logic is counter-productive, but I am rather tired.

Any which way, onto the news. I’ve notched up my third anthology appearance. Death By Chocolate is available through the link below. It’s on my to-be-read pile, I know some of my companions and I’m looking forward to what they’ve done. I would take a break from my other reading to jump straight in but I’m wading into the Gormengast trilogy for the second time and I don’t want to break the flow. Which also means when I get round to editing what I’m writing at the moment I’ll have to extract the really blatant rip-offs that are going to seep through.

In other news on the I Did Stuff front, I’m going to have to be vague. Negotiations are under way and I’m not allowed to reveal anything but I’m rather excited about the prospect. One of the group projects I’m in has started attracting some attention – Nathan, our troop leader, has been working his socks off for a long time. I really hope it all comes together. When it does I’ll undoubtedly write something more detailed about it but for now can I get away with just revealing that, without this particular project and the encouragement of the others, I don’t think I’d have gotten as far as I have. Which isn’t all that far but I’m in print – lifetime goal achieved!

Even if you only dip in and out occasionally I’d advise joining a few writing groups. Support and geeky in-jokes are always good and, every once in a while, you’ll be treated to a juicy flamewar when egos take over. Good, clean and wholesome fun.

ps – if you do pick up a copy of Death By Chocolate, let me know what you think. Feedback nourishes my ego.



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