Thirty Songs For Thirty Days: Part One

I was going to do this on Facebook with a couple of friends, namely Matty-Bob and Em, the pair behind Burdizzo. I’m disorganised at the best of times and the last few weeks have been extra hectic (I’ll share all about Cyril some other time) so I’m going to take part this way – three blogs of ten songs over the course of September. I’ve tried to be mostly honest and opt for the first songs that come to mind for each day, but I also want to try and give a decent representation of my music taste.
First up, surprisingly, it’s days one to ten. If you just want the songs, skip to the bottom where there should be a link to a Spotify playlist.

Day One – A Song With A Colour In The Title.

I Wish I Could Be Your Colour – Einsturzende Neubauten

I’m starting with a cheat, but I reckon it’s allowable . I’ve gone for this one because I really like it and no other reason.

Day Two – A Song With A Number In The Title.

15 Minutes OF Fame – Sheep On Drugs.

Doesn’t require much explanation and is one of my all time favourite songs.

Day Three – Reminds Me Of Summertime.

Black Country Chainsaw Massacre/Candyiosis – Pop Will Eat Itself.

Another cheat, because this is actually two songs, but still less than three minutes. Both songs appear on Now For A Feast, although the other way around. I nearly shared the entire album.

Day Four – Someone To Forget.

Fuck You Up – Telepathe

Depending on a variety of things I have at least as many people I want to forget as you do. This song is great for the ones I want to forget because they deserve my anger. I couldn’t decide on a song for the people I want to forget because I deserve their anger or this would have been another entry with two songs.

I excluded people I want to forget who are still in my life, otherwise this would have been dedicated to Cyril and the song would be by Whitehouse.

Day Five – Play Loud.

Killing In The Name Of – Rage Against The Machine

I like metal, punk, industrial, gabba and a whole lot more. Everything should be played loud if possible, which is why I have tinnitus and can’t really do proper loud any more. After much debate I went for tjhis because it is the only song that my mother ever really lost her temper over when I wouldn’t turn it down. The fact that I was fifteen and shouting – shouting, no attempt at singing – may have had something to do with that.

Day Six – Get Up And Dance.

Vagabonds – New Model Army

Again this could have been any one of a huge number, even more if I include all the stuff I’d like to have danced to but never heard sober enough to trust myself walking (I went to raves, but I mostly sat in corners gouging). I’ve gone for Vagabonds by New Model Army because, way back in the day at the Hatfield Forum, this song came on every week around about nine o’clock and was the cue for our nineties teenage fun to really begin. Except for those of who’d had too much White Lightning and MD 20/20, or whatever else was going cheap.

Day Seven – A Song To Drive To.

Truth, Bitter Truth – Marianne Faithful

I don’t actually drive myself, which is definitely for the good given my ability to walk into walls when I’m sober and the alarming number of different rights and lefts I have. I’m fairly certain I have so many I am technically a trans-dimensional being, a visitor to your three-dimensional version of Flatland.

I have, however, been a passenger a great many times. Truth, Bitter Truth is from Marianne Faithful’s 1981 album Dangerous Acquaintances and was a popular choice for my mother and I back in ’91/92 when she was driving me home from my first girlfriend’s house.

Day Eight – Drugs And Alcohol.

Born Slippy – Underworld

It’s eleven years since I last got properly high, but that is another blog entirely. All I think I need to say is that choosing one for this category has had me more stumped than all the others so far, put together.

Should I go for one about booze or drugs? Herbal or chemical? Good times or bad? Recreational or medicinal? There are an awful lot of variables, and I’ve had a couple of drinks this evening.

After much thought, I could only go for Born Slippy. It’s the only one that kinda covers it all. From the happy side; I also thought about Faith by The Cure from the unhappy but I’m not in a Cure mood this week.

Day Nine – Makes Me Happy.

Lost In Love (Original Mix) – Legend B.

This could have been a drugs and alcohol tune. In the twenty odd years since I first heard this I have not once wanted to be listening to something else. In every state of mind, sober, wasted, happy and sad, I love this tune.

Day Ten – Makes Me Sad

Who Knows Where The Time Goes? -Sandy Denny (John Peel Session, 11/069/73).

It’s an amazing song pretty much regardless of who’s performing but this is the version I always go to.

I’ll do the next ten days sometime in the next week or so…


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