30 Days 3

30 Song 3

Day Twenty-One – A Song With Someone’s Name

Eloise – The Damned

Again, so many options. I’ve not heard this in quite a while so, here you are.

Day Twenty-Two – Makes Me Move Forward

Time Warp – Original Soundtrack

Did I mention I sometimes think I’m clever?

Day Twenty-Three – Everyone Should Listen To This

Love Is A Mental Suicide – Selofan

I could really go to town on this one and my final selection is essentially a lucky dip. I discovered Selofan a few years ago and I adore them, a statement I could make – with variations – about at least a hundred other bands. I’m having a Selofan phase just now so they got chosen. This is an early track.

Day Twenty-Four – Band I Wish Were Still Together

Disclaimer – I excluded all bands that are lost due to death and specific line-ups of bands that are still going, no matter how Metallica they have become.

Thorn In My Side – Eurythmics

Surprisingly, I prefer the earlier, synthier stuff but I fancied hearing this just now. I’m enjoying this blog, having to think about the songs and reasons is almost as much fun as making an old-school mix-tape.

Day Twenty-Five – A Deceased Artist

Only The Lonely – Roy Orbison

I thought about all of them, except for Elvis. I’ve never cared for his work all that much. It came down to a toss-up between Roy, Johnny, Chuck, Buddy and Ritchie and Roy won today.

Day Twenty-Six – Fall In Love

Let’s Do It – Billie Holiday

I’m not a jazz fan, but you can’t go wrong when Billie’s singing.

Day Twenty-Seven – Breaks My Heart

Two Winters Only – My Dying Bride

It’s been a little light on the metal and goth so far, so a little of the two together seems justified. This song is from The Angel And The Dark River album, which is one of my all time favourites to write to.

Day Twenty-Eight – A Voice I Love

Rainy Days And Mondays – The Carpenters

I’ll get stick for this one, but I’m forty with a ponytail and pot-belly, I don’t give a flying. The music is saccharine shite and the lyrics so banal I think my eyeballs will pop when I read them but Karen’s voice really was all that.

To try and save my street cred, I’ve included a final cheat…

The Witching Hour, Day Twenty-Eight/Nine

Tunic (Song For Karen) – Sonic Youth

Day Twenty-Nine – Childhood Memory

Don’t Leave Me This Way – The Communards ft. Sarah Jane Morris

A top pop tune. I was very happy when this was number one and can remember running inside to hear it on the Sunday countdown. I have an enormous soft spot for unashamed pop that is as large as my other one for proper nasty noise – neither of which have really been covered in these posts.

Day Thirty – Thinking Of Myself

Twenty Years (I’ve Been Smoking All Night) – Virgin Prunes

It’s much closer to twenty-six, but who’s counting?


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