Life threw a couple of curveballs over the last few weeks and my plans got a little derailed. You’d think I’d be used to that by now, and I was – just for the last thing that happened. I did have plans for the release of Chaos Tales III, but the editing has somewhat overrun. It’s still coming soon, and I’m fairly confident you’ll like the new array of monsters and snapshots of Hell.

One thing that has, however, gone to plan is the release of Sparks, my third time out with the Burdizzo Charity Squad – 12 Days and Hymn are the other two. As you may, or may not, know Burdizzo is a group of horror writers who met online and get together, mostly virtually, a couple of times a year and put together a collection of the grotesque, horrific, chilling and laugh out loud funny (sense of humour depending).

Sparks is for autism which, if I’m honest, makes it a little closer to my heart than the others. I’m not breaking out the violins but I have an autistic nephew, currently in his teens, who is going to need a lifetime of help. Personally, on an emotional level, I wouldn’t swap him for the world, and I don’t think anyone who knows him would.

Practically, we all know that his adult life is going to be a challenge. My nephew will need help and support, and that’s going to cost money. We’re not a wealthy family and we’ll not to it on our own.

Okay, I lied. The little violins are still playing.

You can make them stop with either, or both, of the links below. One is to get your own, lovely copy and the other is an online competition for best horror story – the one with most votes gets a bunch of free publicity for their novel.


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