The Second Post

So, being as wonderfully organised and tech savvy as I am, I realised today that I missed a few things yesterday when I launched this part of the look-at-me campaign that it might have been useful to include – like the links to my e-books. If you liked The Nightmare Man, you might also like Chaos Tales volumes one and two – I’ve added the links on the about part if you fancy a peek. If you take the plunge, I’d love to hear what you think. I’ll probably stick my fingers in my ears if you hate it but I’ll do my best not throw a hissy fit.
I’ve also something else to plug, in a somewhat roundabout way. A couple of years ago I was invited to contribute to a string-along novel – one of those where a bunch of writers all contribute to a story. The one I’m part of is called GUN and revolves around a mystical gun that can only be fired once and only for good. We each wrote a separate chapter, with a ‘waypoint’ to start and end with, so long as we followed the guidelines we could do what we wanted. Anyway, Nathan Weaver – the man behind the idea – is looking for a publisher and has asked us all to do what we can to get the idea out there. As part of that he’s asked us all to share our own chapters where we can and see if we can get some reads – so I’ve stuck mine on here for you to have a peek at if you like.
The core of the group, which didn’t include me, have an earlier string-along called Fatal Flaws that followed slightly different rules. I’m a bit late posting about this (did I mention that I’m not very organised) but you can get a copy of Fatal Flaws for free via Smashwords, but only until tomorrow. If you fancy a peek, or just giving us some moral support, please follow the link and enter the coupon code QW65S

In the meantime, I hope you like Dillon’s story from Gun – it seems much longer than it is since I wrote it – and I’ll hopefully have another freebie in a couple of weeks. I’ve got an idea about an office that I don’t think will fit in anywhere else


2 thoughts on “The Second Post

  1. I took part in ‘Novel in a Day’ last September and wrote a chapter all by myself while only having a brief and part knowledge of what had gone before. It was great fun! Hope you enjoyed writing yours!


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